Loay Romhein



“When I saw the snow on television, I knew that Canada was cold, but it’s different when you come here and touch it. The situation in Syria is the same: you might see things on television, but you can’t truly understand what’s happening unless you’re there.


I will always have that nostalgia for Syria, because the war started for me when I finished building my life. I have to rebuild it now and that is not easy. Many people contacted us and they really wanted to help, and it’s always good when you feel that you are surrounded by supporting people. What I want to do now is to bring as many people as I can to do something for Canada, for Quebec, to give back some of what we received. Maybe not money, but we can for sure give our time. 10,000 people is a huge number, and we can have a good positive impact.”

- Loay Romhein
لؤي الرمحين


«À venir»

- Loay Romhein